• Chromium Sulfate

    Chromium sulfate is a kind of sulfate with the chemical formula CR2 (SO4) 3. The appearance is green powder or dark green flake crystal. In addition to hexahydrate, there are also anhydrous compounds and a variety of compounds containing different crystalline water, up to 18 molecules of crystal ...
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  • Chromic Acid

    Analysis method editing Determination of chromic acid content in air: the sample was collected by filter, dissolved in sulfuric acid, and then determined by colorimetry after adding diphenylcarbazide (NIOSH method). Determination of chromic acid content in water: the sample is extracted and deter...
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  • Sodium Dichromate Matters Needing Attention

    Overview of risk Health hazards: acute poisoning: inhalation can cause acute respiratory tract irritation symptoms, epistaxis, hoarseness, nasal mucosa atrophy, sometimes asthma and cyanosis. Severe cases may develop chemical pneumonia. Oral administration can stimulate and corrode the digestive ...
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